A Brief Resume of the Bowls Green at Llandarcy

Immediately post World War 1, building of the National Oil Refinery (NOR) at Llandarcy began. Experienced personnel from the Scottish Refinery at Grangemouth were transferred to Llandarcy to pass on their knowledge and expertise. Among these senior personnel were several lawn green bowlers who wished to pursue their hobby, so decided to set up the NOR Bowls Club. In 1922, the club played their first matches on local parks greens whilst the company began to develop the present green.

In 1927 the green was ready for use. This green was of full international size with the capability of playing 7 rinks instead of the normal parks green’s 6 rinks. Soon a regular fixture developed between the NOR and its Scottish counterpart. This rivalry continued for at least 50 years.

The 1950’s saw the Llandarcy green used for Home International Matches and National touring sides. In 1958, the Commonwealth (Empire) games were held in Cardiff. The bowls competition was held at the then BP Llandarcy green.

Since then, the club has continued to offer facilities for bowlers, firstly under the ownership of BP Ltd. After the demise of the BP Oil Refinery in the late 1980’s, the company granted the club a 25-year lease. This meant that the club members assumed the responsibility for all maintenance and services costs of the site. Shortly afterwards to help with expenses, a second bowls club (Bryncoch B.C.) was allowed to share the facilities.


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